Moroccan handicrafts

Moroccan handicrafts
Moroccan handicrafts
Moroccan handicrafts

Within Moroccan culture, we can find a wide variety of unique and representative artistic expressions. From its gastronomy to its typical dances, as well as its music and architecture. But one of its productions that always amazes tourists as they stroll through the streets is Moroccan handicrafts.

Morocco’s own handicrafts are perhaps its most historic and traditional art. Most of the handicrafts and the techniques used to make them are inherited. For this reason, each manufactured artefact is of great artistic and cultural value.

Moroccan decoration is very detailed and elaborate.

Typical Moroccan objects

In Morocco, typical handicrafts are distributed among the following manufacturers:


In Morocco, we can find beautiful pieces of pottery. The star cities for pottery are Safi and Fez, where they specialise in blue-coloured ceramics. In other cities such as Marrakesh, Rabat and Azemmur, these products are also produced, but in glazed or glazed earthenware.


Moroccan leather goods are very popular with tourists. You can find leather goods, accessories and articles of clothing. And a wide variety of decorative items and furniture, from cushions to pouffes.


Moroccan basketry was born with a practical purpose, and this is evident in the variety of materials used. From reeds to rushes and dwarf palm trees, they create furniture, decorative items and, of course, baskets to carry shopping in a very convenient way.

Carpets and embroidery

When buying a Moroccan rug, you have to take into account the place where it will be placed and the use it will be put to. On that basis, the city of Rabat specialises in carpets, possibly some of the most sought-after in Morocco. But Berber carpets are not far behind.

The most striking and elaborate embroideries are found in northern Morocco. They are distinguished by the techniques used and their rich colours.


Moroccan goldsmiths mainly use gold in their pieces. However, silver jewellery and jewellery with precious stones can also be found. The cities that stand out for their goldsmith manufacturers are Fez, Marrakech, Tangier, Essaouria, among others.

Morocco offers a variety of precious and distinctive manufacturers. Depending on what you want to buy, you can visit a city or even the surrounding villages, which specialise in a particular craft.

Ask us about excursions that bring you closer to Moroccan handicrafts!

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