How to get to Morocco?

How to get to Morocco

Due to its geographical location, Morocco can be reached in different ways. Among the most common ways and means, we can mention: by air, by land (by car or bus) or by sea. The choice of the means to use is based on the needs and budgets of each traveler.

Locating Morocco

It is located in the north of the African continent and almost touches the south of Europe. It is not difficult to reach as it borders Spain to the north, but is separated by the Strait of Gibraltar. Western Sahara lies to the southwest, Mauritania to the south, and Algeria to the east. In addition, its western coasts are in contact with the Atlantic Ocean, while its northern coasts are in contact with the Mediterranean Sea.

Getting to Morocco

How you reach Morocco depends on your budget, your tastes and it is also important to consider where you are traveling from. Here are the ways to get to Morocco.

By plane

This is the most convenient way for international travel. Morocco has 15 airports in total, both domestic and international. This makes it easy to travel from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The international Moroccan airports are Tangier, Marrakech, Casablanca, and Fez.

Depending on the place of origin, you can get different offers and possibilities for flights. This determines the prices and stopovers of the available flights. Low-cost airlines can fly to Morocco from various European destinations.

By car or bus

You can travel to Morocco from Spain by car or bus, but the Strait of Gibraltar must be crossed by sea. Traveling by car to Morocco from Spain is the cheapest option. Cars can also be taken on ferries to Tangier and Nador.

If you choose public transport, ferry travel is usually included in the fare. The disadvantages of ferry travel can be delays in getting to our country and the length of the journey.

By boat

From Andalusia, Morocco is easily accessible by boat. At the same time, some ports, such as Casablanca, receive international visits and excursions by cruise ships.

There are many ways to reach Morocco. If you are thinking of traveling to this destination, you already know that you have many options to choose from. We will take care of the rest (

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