Hand of Fatima meaning

hand of fatima

  • For thousands of years, man has expressed ideas or concepts through symbols. These symbols, over the years, have been representing more complex ideas or bringing together a series of values that they wanted to unify in a single representation. This is the case of the hand of Fatima, a symbol that you have undoubtedly seen on several occasions. Harmonious and enigmatic, this symbol attracts the attention of people from all over the world whose meaning many of these people do not know. If you have always wanted to know what is hidden behind it, in this article of DesertMe you can learn the meaning of the hand of Fatima.

What is the hand of Fatima?

It shows a complete hand with two thumbs and index and ring fingers that are the same length as to if half of the hand was mirrored in a mirror from the center of the middle finger to the thumb. Both thumbs are curved outward. In addition, religious inscriptions and an eye can be found on occasion (the eye of God).

On several surfaces, this emblem can be found drawn or carved. It is also employed as an amulet in the form of earrings or pendants and is widely chosen as a permanent tattoo or henna tattoo. In the home, it can be found as part of the decoration, even as a door knocker.

To discover more about symbolism, as well as to clarify doubts about aspects such as good luck, protection, fidelity, and fertility, among many other similar aspects.

Origin and meaning of the hand of Fatima.

The origin of this symbol dates back to 224 A.D., at least in terms of documented use. It has its origin in Judaism, in the Sephardic Jewish cultures. However, over time, different religions have adopted it. Each one gives it a different meaning, although it is true that all of them give it great values, and relate it to a single god.

It is also called the hand of Jamsa; Jamsa or hamsa means five, in Arabic, in principle, in reference to the five fingers. Reference is also made to the five pillars of Islam, while Jews relate the term to the Pentateuch. The reality is that, given its origin, it does not really have to do with these elements. Moreover, in Islam, it would not be allowed to be used as an amulet, following a strict reading of the Koran.

Legend of the Hand of Fatima.

There are several legends related to the hand of Fatima and no one knows exactly what its origin is. However, in this article of DesertMe we present you the most accepted one:

The legend tells that Fatima, the daughter of the prophet Mohammed was one day at home, preparing dinner, when Ali, her husband, arrived.

Fatima, upon hearing him, rushed to greet him. However, Ali did not arrive alone but was accompanied by a young concubine (something permitted). Fatima felt jealous and disappointed, but, without saying anything, returned to the kitchen to continue with the dinner. The time following the moment she saw her husband with the concubine, Fatima was shocked and was not aware of what she was doing. So, she began to stir the broth that was boiling in a pot using her hand. She felt so bad that she did not notice that her hand was burning. It was at that moment that her husband appeared and took her hand out of the pot, at which point she realized what was happening. Ali cured her hand and confessed that he had spent the night with the concubine, which made Fatima even sadder.

The next night, Ali was again with the concubine, and Fatima saw them, spying on them through a crack. She could not contain her sadness and began to cry, at which point Ali also began to feel very sad and to notice tears falling from his eyes. Ali left the concubine and turned to Fatima for the rest of his life.

This legend makes many women use Fatima’s hand as a symbol to have more patience with these behaviors of their husbands.

From this legend, one of the main meanings of the hand of Fatima is its power to attract good luck, fidelity, fertility, and patience. Likewise, it is also given a meaning of protection, especially for women and especially pregnant women.

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