Christmas in Morocco

Christmas in Morocco

December 25 every year is a holiday in a good part of the planet, and a big celebration for billions of people around the world. Trees, songs, and Christmas decorations fill the air, special meals are prepared, families and friends gather to spend the night together and all is merriment. However, in many Muslim countries around the world, Christmas Day is just like any other office day. So what about Christmas in Morocco?

   Whether you’re thinking about spending the holidays in this beautiful country steeped in culture and history or you’re just curious about how Christmas is (or isn’t) celebrated in Morocco, Continue reading, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need.

Should you spend your Christmas vacation in Morocco?

Clearly, this is not an answer we can give you, as it depends on what you expect from a Christmas vacation. To make it clear: if you expect reindeer, a Santa Claus in a shopping mall, decorations in the streets, and Christmas songs in the background music of every store you visit, well, we are already telling you that you are not going to find any of that in Morocco.

  On the contrary, Christmas in Morocco is much quieter, so if you are looking to get away from the hustle, bustle, and stress that comes with the typical celebration of Christmas, the truth is that Morocco wins many points.

Does Morocco celebrate Christmas?

In keeping with the ambiguity in the answers to this article: yes and no :P.

  Morocco is a Muslim country and, although Muslims consider Jesus a prophet, they do not recognize any of the celebrations or rituals associated with December 25.

What does this mean? Not only is December 25 not Christmas in Morocco, but many Moroccans don’t even know that December 25 is Christmas in the rest of the world (or what Christmas means, for that matter). However, the big Moroccan cities, such as Rabat, Casablanca or Marrakech are so prepared to receive foreign tourists that they not only know perfectly well what Christmas is but also offer various services for those who want to celebrate it.

   It is not that all of a sudden all these cities will be invaded by green and red decorations, Santa Claus dolls, and artificial snow decorations, but you will find some shopping malls with big Christmas trees illuminated, shop windows and windows decorated with Christmas decorations and hotels advertising Christmas dinners and parties.

Best places to spend Christmas in Morocco:


Of the few “Christmas” options you have to celebrate Christmas in Morocco, perhaps Marrakech is the most viable. The weather in the city will be sunny enough during the day to enjoy a stroll through the souk and cold enough at night to wear a jacket.

   In addition, Marrakech has a really outstanding hotel offer, so in that sense, you will not have a hard time finding a place to stay where you can enjoy a great Christmas vacation.

  Here are some of the best hotels where to stay in Marrakech at Christmas time:

  • Royal Mansour

   The Royal Mansour in Marrakech is truly a once-in-a-lifetime hotel experience in Morocco. This luxury hotel offers an unbeatable experience to its visitors, especially during Christmas.

   The Royal Mansour comes alive every year with elaborate and unique decorations prepared by experienced designers, as well as performances and parties organized during the Christmas season.

  • La Mamounia

   La Mamounia is another vacation favorite in Morocco. The hotel is magically transformed into a Christmas paradise with its elegantly decorated trees, which combine surprisingly perfectly with the delights of the local cuisine. Plus, the entertainment options are limitless during the Christmas vacations at this hotel, so you’re sure to find something to do.


You will appreciate exploring the lovely Agadir in the southern region of Morocco over the Christmas season. For a special Christmas vacation in Morocco, combine cultural exploration with the sun, warmth, and sporting events. Agadir is tucked away in the middle of beautiful scenery. Unwind in the Valley of Paradise, a verdant natural setting surrounded by soft rocks and natural lakes. In the heart of the city’s historic district, stroll through the souk and the medina.

   By the end of December, you will enjoy the gentle pace of life and comfortable temperatures in the southern part of Morocco, which will enable you to engage in certain outdoor activities even in the dead of winter. Spend Christmas with your feet in the sea by surfing, windsurfing, or stand-up paddling! Before going to one of the city’s many restaurants to celebrate Christmas in Morocco with your family, take a stroll close to the port. A distinctive and exotic experience for a Christmas in Morocco you won’t soon forget.

    A unique Christmas in Morocco is promised with sun and a change of scenery. Enjoy an incredible climate a few hours away from home while spending Christmas with your family or friends.

Christmas in Morocco

The Desert of Merzouga:

   Want to have a special and memorable Christmas? For a unique Christmas Eve, how about getting lost in the dunes? To have this extraordinary experience, go to the Sahara.

   Being by yourself in the center of the dunes will immerse you in a distinctive environment. Spending Christmas in the Moroccan desert will live long in your mind, whether you’re a couple or a family.

    Use this trip to travel to Merzouga, a town near the entrance to the Sahara. Take a stroll through the village’s palm grove to get a feel for the people and their relaxed way of life.

    Explore the outstanding skill of some of the craftspeople in the small village after doing some shopping in the souk. Then spend Christmas Eve in a camp under the stars in the middle of the desert. A wonderful experience to have while visiting Morocco for Christmas.

Christmas in Muslim countries:

For various reasons, Christmas is not celebrated in a lot of Muslim nations. First of all, some Muslim countries follow Islamic law, which does not allow Muslims to publicly observe festivals of other religions. But other than that, those countries that are more lax about precepts related to other religions also do not usually celebrate it simply because it is not part of their culture. Or do you celebrate the Jewish New Year or fast during Ramadan?

   Now, there are Muslim countries that are much more open than others to the celebration of Christmas, either because they have certain Christian minorities in their population or because they understand the commercial aspect that Christmas has been gaining in recent decades. Morocco is an example of the latter, so the idea and the possibility of celebrating Christmas in Morocco are more accepted year after year.

   In some tourist areas, you can find Christmas trees and decorations. In addition, the idea of Christmas sales and promotions is seen as another advertising opportunity for people to buy things, so more and more companies and establishments are opening up to this celebration to take advantage of the pull.


   If you love Christmas, love the arrival of December to put up the tree, watch Christmas movies on Netflix, buy gifts, visit friends, and everything else that is typically included in this holiday, then Christmas in Morocco is not going to appeal to you at all.

   However, if you’re stressed out by Christmas fever, overwhelmed by buying gifts for the fifteen or so family members who gather at your house for dinner, and you’re attracted by the idea of getting away from the hustle and bustle to celebrate, for once, a somewhat quieter Christmas, then you should really consider Morocco as a destination.

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