Morocco camel ride for sunset and sunrise in Merzouga desert

Morocco camel ride for sunset and sunrise in Merzouga desert

Join the best Morocco camel ride for sunset and sunrise Merzouga desert, do the camel trek in the heart of sand dunes 


   Discover the peace and timelessness of life in the desert on this guided, Sunset tour from the village of Merzouga. Climb aboard a camel ride and travel across the sea of Erg Chebbi sand dunes. Then take in a gorgeous sunset on the  Morocco Sahara Desert.

   At Desert Merzouga Tours, we offer suitable Sunset Morocco camel ride tours for all categories: groups, families, Students, and Couples or a group of friends getting together to have a fun day out.
   The sunset camel ride in Merzouga begins at 5:30 p.m. Riding a camel takes nearly half an hour to reach the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi Merzouga. After that, we’ll leave the camels at approximately 80 meters to reach Merzouga’s highest dune.

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Highlights of the sunset camel tour

Itinerary Program : Sunset Morocco Camel ride Tour in Merzouga Desert

This Morocco camel ride at sunset in Merzouga will start about an hour before the sun from our place in the village, you will ride the camels for about 30 minutes through the desert of Erg Chebbi to reach the highest dune where you will take a break to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen, admire the incredible scenery, take photos and even try sandboarding if you like. This is an activity that interests you… Once the sun has set, we will ride our camels back to the village and to our place then our Morocco camel tour ends.

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At Desert Merzouga Tours, we offer suitable Sunrise Camel Trekking tours for all categories: groups, families, Students and Couples or a group of friends getting together to have a fun day out.
Merzouga Sunrise camel trekking tour begins early morning It takes almost half an hour to reach the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi Merzouga riding a camel. Then we’ll leave the camels at approximately 80 meters to reach Merzouga Sahara’s highest dune.

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Highlights of the sunrise camel ride

Itinerary Program: Sunrise Camel Trek Tour in Merzouga Desert

   Our sunrise Morocco camel ride will start early in the morning before the sun rises. you will meet your guide and ride the camels for approximately 30 minutes to get to the high dunes where you will leave the camels and climb to the top of the dune a place where you will see a magnificent sunrise where take beautiful pictures, enjoy the wonderful views of the Sahara desert and you can also try sandboarding if it is an activity that interests you. After these enchanting moments, we will head back to the camels and return to the village and the accommodation where you are staying.

Here is a list of what is included in the price


  1. How we will meet in Merzouga?

   In case you have a rental car, we will meet you in our Hotel in Merzouga where you will have a room to leave your luggage and take a shower as you head back from your desert camel trek. Besides, if you come by a bus, we will meet you in the bus station of Merzouga and then take you to our hotel.

  1. How to get to Merzouga Desert if you are not using our Services from Marrakech or Fes ?


From Fes: There is a daily bus leaving Fez around 20:00 at night and arrive to Merzouga around 05:00 in the morning. The bus called (SUPRATOURS).

From Marrakech: There is a daily-day bus leaving Marrakech around 08:00 at morning and arriving to Merzouga around 20:00 at night. The bus called (SUPRATOURS).


I Am Glad I Did It, I Am Not Sure I Would Do It Again.

This activity is certainly on many people's "bucket lists," and rightfully so. I went in January, which is the off-season. Even yet, there were so many camels and riders that it reminded me of a city rush hour.

We arrived at the edge of Erg Chebbi to discover a large number of camels waiting for us. I climbed aboard my camel with the help of others. Then the "fun" started. I wasn't sure if I was going to fall over the camel's head or tail as he stood up. Fortunately, there was a strong "T" bar attached to the saddle for me to grab.

We then drove approximately a kilometer into the dunes for the next half hour. The camel's rocking motion quickly demonstrated why it is renowned as the "ship of the desert." We ultimately came to a halt at the foot of a dune. We dismounted and scrambled to the summit. The camel guides carried up the blankets / rugs that were used to cover the camel saddles and spread them out on the sand for us to sit on. We spent the next hour snapping photos and having fun with each other. The guides would also take our cameras/phones along the west side of the dune and photograph us individually and in groups.

We struggled back down the dunes to our camels after sunset. Our guides dragged several sitting females back down the dune using the blankets they had brought up. After that, we remounted the camels and returned to our starting position. I should mention that the camel ride itself was not particularly pleasant. It was also fortunate that it was not too long. I'm pleased I didn't have to travel through Africa on a camel like they did in the "olden days."

If you're in southeast Morocco, you should go. This activity is significantly superior than the common tourist camel rides that take place in and around towns. Even if the weather isn't optimal, the journey is still worthwhile.

Ed C

Ships of the desert took us across the sandy sea

The fragrance of delicious coffee awoke us, and it was time to catch the sunrise. We boarded our 4 x 4s after a quick breakfast and drove out into the desert, where we met Mohamed and Hassan, two Berbers who owned a herd of camels. They belonged to the Toureg tribe (associated with their blue garments and known as the blue people). We gathered and mounted our trusty steeds, sometimes known as desert ships, and set out across the wavy sand, crossing dunes and taking in the vistas from above. Before returning for a traditional glass of mint tea, we were out for perhaps 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Everyone had a terrific time.


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