Practical information for traveling to Morocco

Practical information for traveling to Morocco
Practical information for traveling to Morocco

Travel Tips for Morocco


The mandatory documents are the passport of each traveller and, depending on the country of origin, a visa. Other documents you will need to have to depend on whether you are travelling by car or planning to drive in Morocco. These documents include a driving licence, car documents and a green card for car insurance.

Health advice

Unlike other destinations on the African continent, Morocco does not present major health risks. However, visitors are advised to take out travel insurance for any inconveniences that may arise. Medical care in Morocco can be expensive, and if you have insurance you can forget about it.

Other health recommendations are to drink bottled water only, and if possible avoid drinking from street stalls and ice. If water is collected from a natural source, use a bottle and add a water purification tablet. Do not eat raw vegetables if possible. Beware of insect bites.


Morocco’s climate varies from place to place; the north has a moderate climate, the interior of the country is more intense, and in the desert, it can be cold at night. The best seasons to travel to Morocco are autumn and spring.

Depending on where and when you decide to visit Morocco, you’ll need to find out more about the climate so you’ll know what to wear.


Different languages are spoken in different parts of Morocco. The official languages, however, are Arabic and French. In the cities, a dialect called Darija is spoken. And in the north of Morocco, many inhabitants speak Spanish. English is mostly used in tourist areas.


The Moroccan currency is the Dirham, but many places accept Euros. It is advisable to exchange money for the local currency, especially for small amounts and small expenses.

These are some of the basic recommendations to take into account if you want to visit Morocco. If you have any doubts, you can ask us for more information on this subject and on excursions to the main cities of Morocco.

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