The 10 best Morocco beaches: you’ll love them!

Morocco beaches
Morocco beaches

Morocco is a multifaceted country, with a thousand different faces to be enjoyed. There are those who come to this country in search of exoticism, those who visit it with the incentive of tasting its rich gastronomy, and those who love it for its culture, it’s shopping, or its landscapes, from the desert dunes to the delicious beaches bathed by the Mediterranean or the Atlantic. If you’re looking for sun, sand, and relaxation, you’ll find extraordinary Morocco beaches, each with its own distinct personality. Choosing the ten best beaches in Morocco from among its more than 3,500 kilometers of coastline is no easy task, although there is something for everyone.

asilah Morocco beaches

Asilah: the beach with a Spanish flair

With its white houses overlooking the ocean, Asilah beach has a Spanish feel to it that will make you feel at home. Many of these houses are inhabited by Moroccan artists, who look to the sea for the perfect inspiration for their work – the ideal place to set up your parasol comfortably without sharing space with anyone else and then enjoy the pleasures of a stay in Asilah!

Tarfaya: the most rugged beaches

This part of the Atlantic coast has more than 200 kilometers of beaches, where in some cases the desert kisses the sea. The beaches are rugged and wild, with ochre-colored dunes, perfect for photography lovers, and dotted with fishermen’s huts.

Agadir beach: with a family atmosphere

Agadir beach is clean and has a safe bathing area. Entire families gather here to enjoy a day in the sun and sea, where there is no shortage of traditional games on the sand. Sun all year round and the possibility of a camel ride in the evening.

Nador: with a beautiful promenade

The area of Saidia, east of the city of Nador, offers luxury hotels at budget prices. It’s a great place to enjoy the beach and the promenade, which is lined with restaurants that are only open and bustling with people in the high season.

Tanger Morocco beaches

Tangier beach: a perfect crossroads

The Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet in Tangier’s waters. An ideal excursion is to visit the Caves of Hercules, about 5 kilometers from the Plage Robison, where legend has it that the hero lived. There’s nothing better than a trip to Tangier to recharge your body and soul!

Mirleft: for the sporty and adventurous

Surrounded by caf├ęs, this beach is a meeting place for artists, musicians, and travelers, as well as adventurers attracted by the water sports available in the area, especially in the coves of Marabout, Coquillage, and Plage Sauvage. One of the locals’ favorite pastimes is angling.

Morocco Essaouira beach

Essaouira: the coast with a Breton atmosphere

The coast of Essaouira is instantly recognizable. With their fishing port and seagulls, these beaches look like something out of Brittany. In the summer, it is common to see tourists and locals meeting up to play football or go kitesurfing.

Yellich beach: fishermen’s atmosphere

Iris Cove is surrounded by magnificent beaches, such as Yellich, Oued Sahfa, and Mestiza. A unique opportunity to experience a seafaring atmosphere, where sardines are fished at night by lantern light.

Sidi kaouki Morocco beaches

Sidi Kaouki: for windsurfing lovers

If you want a windy beach with big waves, perfect for windsurfing, there’s nothing better than Sidi Kaouki, near Essaouira. If you don’t bring your own equipment, you can hire it from one of the locals.

La Plage des Nations: with a local atmosphere

Located 17 kilometers north of Rabat, La Plage des Nations is popular with locals who come to enjoy the clean sand and perfect waves for surfers. Be careful, though, as the currents can be dangerous for swimmers.

Each Morocco beaches has its own idiosyncrasies, character, and atmosphere. There is something for all tastes and all tastes, from the quietest to the most adventurous, from the most photogenic coasts to those with a local atmosphere. If you fancy a day of sun and sand, you only have to choose the one that comes closest to what you are looking for.

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