The village and valley of Imlil

The village and valley of Imlil

The village and valley of Imlil is a charming little village located in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, at an altitude of 1,740m. The gates of the Toubkal National Park, it is the starting point of the ascent to Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa. It can be reached from Marrakech (64 km) by Asni and from Taroudant by the Tizi-n-Test pass.

    Imlil is characterized by its terraced crops at the foot of the village, which contribute to the charm of this enchanting area.

    The region of Imlil is on the northern slopes of the High Atlas. Both domestic and international travelers love it. It is the nearest starting point for excursions to Mount Toubkal, which rises to 4167 m and is the highest peak in North Africa.

The village and valley of Imlil

Imlil is not only an impeccable escape from the hustle and bustle of Morocco’s busy cities but also an opportunity to unwind and discover a unique facet of this exotic country. So, here’s everything you need to know about the village of Imlil in Morocco.

Weather in Imlil: What is the best time to visit?

While winter in Imlil is very cold and almost unbearable for winter haters, summer in Imlil is the perfect trip and getaway from the heat of Marrakech, especially between June and August when the temperature peaks. Imlil is surrounded by green mountains and valleys that help lower its temperature compared to Marrakech.

   According to hiking experts in the region, the best time to visit Imlil is between mid-May and mid-October. At this time you can enjoy a warm trekking experience and avoid snowy days in Imlil. Discover all our trekking trips and hiking trails

The best things to do in the village and valley of Imlil

Hiking/Trekking in the Atlas Mountains:

   One of the best experiences to have in Morocco is a hike in the High Atlas Mountains. The mountains stretch across the Sahara Desert and are home to endangered Berber villages and wildlife. If you are not interested in hiking Jebel Toubkal, there are many easy and fun hikes you can enjoy.

   You can go on long or short hikes in the Atlas but never go alone. It is ALWAYS recommended to have a guide when hiking or trekking in Morocco, as conditions can change and only the locals know about it. Contact us to organize your trekking adventure in the Atlas at:

Climbing Jebel Toubkal:

   When mountaineers are looking for hiking experiences in Morocco, the first thing that comes to mind is climbing to the summit of Jebel Toubkal (4,160 m).

   Imlil is the starting point of Mount Toubkal, and the hike to the summit is 2 to 3 days from the village. Tourists and hikers usually spend a few days beforehand in the village enjoying what it has to offer while preparing for the big adventure.

   The hike may seem very easy to some, but in reality, it is not. This is the reason why it is mandatory to have a mountain guide, i.e. Without hiring a native guide, you are unable to ascend Jebel Toubkal alone. The guide will take care of everything needed to make the trekking experience a success, including food supplies, accommodation/shelter booking, mules, etc.

   The hike to the top is really worth it for what it offers in terms of scenery, nature, and a sense of adventure.

Try a local hammam experience in Imlil:

   You can’t leave Morocco without trying an authentic Moroccan Hammam experience. And the best place to enjoy your first traditional Moroccan hammam is the High Atlas in Imlil. You can stay in an accommodation that offers a Moroccan hammam (ask before booking, not all accommodations have hammam facilities) or pay a small entrance fee to the Imlil Village Association to use their hammam. we recommend going to the Imlil village hammam if you want to experience a local hammam and not a tourist one.

   Imlil village in Morocco is not for everyone. It’s not the best place for shopping and you won’t find all the amenities. It is a place to retreat, relax, reflect and unwind. If you want to run in the mountains, you can do that too. Imlil is different, as it should be. It is a unique place that makes you feel you have truly traveled, beyond borders, beyond time.

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