Morocco by motorhome: a different and unique experience

Morocco by motorhome
Morocco by motorhome

There are many ways of getting to know a country, but of all of them, the motorhome is probably the one that leaves the greatest impression on the traveler. The sensation of freedom that this formula offers makes it a unique and different experience that you have to try at least once in your life. Traveling to Morocco by motorhome is an excellent way to discover the country’s surprising contrasts and get to know the local culture.

From the Atlantic to the dunes of the Sahara, from the hustle and bustle of the medinas and souks to the solitude of the desert, from the mountains to the coast, and from blue Chaouen to red Marrakech… Morocco is a country to be traveled from end to end. And for this, there is nothing better than the motorhome, which offers you the flexibility you need to do it without rushing, enjoying every moment and all its landscapes.

Before the trip

When preparing for a trip in a motorhome, the most important thing is to have the necessary documentation ready to enter Morocco. You will need a passport valid for at least three months, a Spanish driving license, vehicle documentation, travel and motorhome insurance, a temporary vehicle import report (D16Ter), and a green card.

Another necessary aspect is to plan the route you are going to take and where you are going to sleep. To do this, there is nothing better than studying a map with the distances between destinations and the main camping sites, so that you can adjust the stages according to the time you have available.

Campsites and roads

Although it’s easy to go camping in Morocco, an excellent option is to sleep at one of the many campsites dotted around the country. Some of them, such as Diamant Vert in Fez or Camping Le Relais in Marrakech, not only offer security, but also the possibility of emptying and filling your tanks.

As for the roads, you should drive within the speed limits, not only comply with current legislation but also as a precaution against the possibility of passers-by, donkeys, dogs, or camels appearing at any moment, which is quite common. For this reason, driving at night is not recommended, nor is driving away from paved roads.

On the other hand, traveling during daylight hours has the advantage of being able to enjoy the beautiful Moroccan scenery. In addition, once at the destination, you can also take part in complementary activities, such as an excursion on a quad bike.

Tips for the route

One of the most frequent doubts for those who are organizing a motorhome trip is whether they should take food supplies with them. This is not necessary. Morocco has rich gastronomy and one of the attractions of the trip is to enjoy it. To do this, you will need cash, as some establishments in certain areas do not accept credit cards. Another possibility is to withdraw money from ATMs in the cities, although the commissions will cost you some money.

As for the best time of year to make a trip in a motorhome, spring is a great option, although you can make the most of your trip in any season. Whatever the date is chosen, having health insurance will also help us to feel more protected in the event of any unforeseen event.

Traveling by motorhome in Morocco offers you the chance to freely enjoy a unique country and get to know its landscapes, its people, its gastronomy, and its customs. A different and fun trip. A breath of freedom that will surely remain forever in your mind, in your memory, and in the hundreds of photographs that you will undoubtedly take.

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