Hammam in Morocco: 3 cities, three experiences

Hammam in Morocco

Hammam in Morocco are more than just an Arab bath. They are a unique and purifying experience with local customs as a backdrop. With origins dating back to the time of the Roman baths, they are not only hygienic but also social. It is where men and women go, separately, to relax and groom themselves. To chat for a while with their neighbors, to take a break from their routine and let themselves be pampered.

This tradition, which has remained almost unchanged over the years, has been extended to visitors who want to experience a moment of relaxation and well-being. You come out of a hammam with cleaner and more hydrated skin, thanks to the magnificent natural scrubs and soaps found in the country. But you also come out renewed on the inside, as if there has been a before and after crossing the threshold.

The ritual of a hammam

There are hammams for all tastes and probably in every city, you can find the one you are looking for. The one that reflects the character of the place where it is located. More or less luxurious, touristy, sophisticated, or faithful to local tastes.

The most complete hammams usually offer a tour that begins with a hot room, where you get used to the heat and where the first contact with the water takes place to free you from impurities. The hot room opens the pores and cleanses deeply. From there you go back to the hot room for a more thorough wash with natural soap.

Finally, you enter the cold room, which may have showers to finish removing the soap. In this room, you finish relaxing and it serves as a thermal bridge to finish adjusting your body temperature before going outside. Many people, especially tourists, complete their experience with a massage with perfumed oils, or any other relaxation or beauty technique, although it all depends on whether the hammam offers this possibility. 

Three cities and three experiences

There are three basic options for discovering a hammam: to do it surrounded by luxury with an oriental flavor but traditional taste, to complete it with other organic therapies in a riad, or to go to a purely local space, where you can experience the most authentic hammam close to the people.

Hammam in Fez: high-end luxury

In the city of Fez, you can find some luxurious hammams, where you can enjoy a delightful experience, although closer to a Western spa. One of the most popular is Les Bains Amani, where you can take a complete journey through the senses starting with a hand and foot bath with natural rose water and sea salt. This is followed by a hair mask with white clay, which gives way to a black soap wash with argan oil and wild mint. Finally, a deliciously scented body mask is applied. And optionally you can finish with a relaxing massage overlooking the garden.

Riad Zamzam in Marrakech: organic therapy

For those looking to go beyond the hammam experience and complement it with other natural therapies, this hammam in the city of Marrakech, located inside the riad, will exceed your expectations. After relaxing on a marble bed, a specialist will exfoliate and activate your circulation with mineral-rich mud mixed with argan and eucalyptus oil. The tour can be completed with therapeutic treatments based on acupuncture, hot stones, or manual and specific massages, which are carried out with camel’s milk and organic products, elaborated with ancient recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Hammam Al Blad in Chaouen: local flavor

If you are looking for a hammam in Morocco with a local flavor, where you can mingle with the locals and be one of them, this one in the city of Chaouen is perfect for the occasion. The ideal choice is to try the Kessa glove used to exfoliate the body thoroughly, the ancient techniques for stretching joints and releasing the tension, and the washing with black bold soap, which allows you to leave feeling both physically and mentally relaxed. The price is very cheap, although for tourists it is somewhat higher than for the local population.

Hammam in Morocco are made for enjoyment and relaxation. Let yourself be carried away by the goodness of the water and free yourself from impurities, and leave with a cleaner body and a clearer mind. In every city, there is a hammam waiting for you, from the most luxurious to the most authentic, including those that have become true beauty and wellness centers reminiscent of Western spas, but with an Oriental touch. In any case, it is an experience well worth having, and one that will leave you refreshed.

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