Boumalne Dades: 5 reasons to stop by here

Boumalne Dades

   If you take a look at our tours, you will discover that many of those leading to the desert pass through Boumalne Dades. This small town of just over 10,000 inhabitants does not enjoy the fame of other destinations south of the High Atlas, but we include it in our routes for several reasons, which we list below.

Strategic location on the route:

  The first reason to include Boumalne Dades in our tours is that it is on the way to/from other more famous destinations around the Dades Valley, such as Ouarzazate or the Todra Gorges. This day of the trip usually accumulates many kilometers of road, as it arrives from the desert or from Marrakech, so the journey ‘asks’ us to spend the night at this point, in the middle of the N-10 road.

Quality hotels-riad in Boumalne Dades:

  Another reason that convinces us to dine and sleep in Boumalne Dades is that it has quality hotels-Riads, with that touch of charm that we like in every accommodation on the route. In traditional buildings and set in Berber style, since the town and the whole area in general is home to the Amazigh people. Thus, we will rest in adobe buildings with wooden details in the structure, doors, and windows, with that point of elegant humility that gives the desert people to their homes.

Authentic atmosphere in the town:

    Although there is usually not much time left to visit the town, those who dare to take a walk around it will discover a very authentic and genuine atmosphere, where the humble inhabitants live a very normal life, away from mass tourism. There are families strolling, children playing ball, a market on Wednesdays and another on Sundays… Undoubtedly, a true village of the deepest Morocco.

Boumalne Dades

Very representative nature:

   Boumalne Dades is located in a mountainous terrain, at an altitude of about 1,600 meters, and its environment is very representative of the nature that predominates in the area (province of Tinghir, Drâa-Tafilalet region). The mountains are bare and rocky, where gorges, gorges, and cuts are formed. It is a hammada terrain where oases in the form of palm groves arise almost spontaneously. Here there is one, which allows a modest agricultural activity, which gives work to many of the local people.

Starting point for excursions:

   Those who have the option to spend more than one day in Boumalne Dades and its surroundings can perform various activities related to nature. This area is known as the Dades Valley but also receives other names that give us clues about its attractions. For example, the Route of the Thousand Kasbahs, announces the presence of ancient Berber fortresses (many of them in ruins) by the environment. Not far from here is the so-called Valley of the Roses, whose rose bushes bloom with strength and color in spring.

   Another nickname used for Boumalne Dades and its surroundings is the Valley of the Birds, because of the amazing ornithological richness of the area. Some companies and professionals organize birdwatching excursions, in search of sparrowhawks, eagle owls, horned larks, or wheatears, among other species present in the area. Lovers of demanding trekking can climb the Jbel Saghro, the surrounding mountain massif, whose highest peak is the Amalou n Mansour peak, 2,712 meters above sea level.

   In our closed circuits, Boumalne Dades is usually a nice place to spend the night, to continue the route the next day. But if you are particularly interested in staying more than one day in the area, do not hesitate to let us know so that we can adapt the route to your preferences.

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